Strategy used:
  • Council revised opinion
  • Accepted 10% CO2reduction through Energy Efficiency
  • Major Financial Saving
long-marstonnew-village Solar Gain
Up to 15%
CO2 saving
Building Fabric
enhanced up
to 10%
Behavioural Changes
2.3% CO2 saved
Air Leakage
6.3% CO2

Energy Statement for a new village of 285 units
Challenging the planning policy norms

The Brief: An energy statement negating the need for Low or Zero Carbon technologies in favour of Fabric Energy Efficiency alternatives.

Delivered: An evidence based planning statement demonstrating a 10% carbon emissions reduction without on-site renewables.

Technologies Specified:

Enhanced energy efficiency measures (including: MHRV, LED lighting & fabric efficiency) Centralised Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

mixed-development-kings-square Total Saving
saved using
C02 saved
using CHP
8.9% saved
using energy efficiency

Sustainable Design and Construction Statement
Demonstrating Viability with 30% CO2 reduction policy

The Brief: The Carbon Green Team developed a sustainability strategy to comply with Islington Council’s development policy demanding 30% CO2 emissions reduction.

Delivered: An innovative package which maximised energy efficiency and realised major financial savings.

  • Carbon Green Negotiation on 15% policy
  • Agreed 10% CO2 reduction
  • Major financial saving and scheme viability
plymouth-prestige-development 10% CO2
Capital Cost
7,492 kg/year
CO2 saving

Negotiations with Planning Authority for scheme viability
Relaxation of planning policy from 15% to 10% CO2 reduction

The Brief: To develop a strategy to achieve 15% CO2 emissions reduction on a high quality residential development.

Delivered: In demonstrating a lack of scheme viability Carbon Green successfully negotiated with the local planning authority to reduce the requirement to a 10% CO2 reduction across the scheme.

Client Benefits:
  • Product compliance with BREEAM, Ska, LEED
  • Evidence of available credits
  • Valuable Marketing tool
fusion-glass-partitions BREEAM LEED Ska Rating

Sustainable Product data sheets
BREEAM, Ska Rating and LEED

The Brief: To compare their products against all relevant Environmental Assessments for Buildings such as BREEAM, Ska Rating and LEED.

Delivered: A document proving a valuable marketing tool and a clear information source for design teams.

  • Solar Hot Water
  • Solar Voltaics
  • Biomass
  • Air Source Heat Pump
  • Passive Cooling
  • Rainwater Harvesting
bicton-earth-environmental-and-renewable-technologies-hub BREEAM
Very Good
90% materials
Sourced responsibly

Sustainable Design Advice and best practice
Exemplar low Carbon Development

The Brief: To devise a sustainability strategy for achieving a BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’.

Delivered: A highly sustainable building, offering high levels of innovation.

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Sustainability Policies Help for Local Planners

In response to the NPPF and under more recent guidance “Good Practice Guidance - Sustainable Design and Construction” August  2012 , all local authorities are now in the process of developing  specific sustainable development policies...

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NPPF and Sustainable Development Simplified Top tips for Design Teams:

  • Involve a Sustainability Specialist early in the Planning.
  • Local Planning, Energy, CO2 and the NPPF.
  • Challenge the Policy norms.
  • Demonstrating the 3 elements of Sustainability...